Nothing could be more gratifying than being part of an organization that seeks to keep the name of Central High alive in the USA.

The existence of this organization has its origin in a desire articulated to us by Chryslyn Fraser (Class of ’69) to get together with other Centralites in an informal setting ‘to Reconnect and Relive the Glorious Memories of Central High’.

Thus the seed for convening an informal gathering was sown. This required a lot of legwork but fortunately we were supported by several well-intentioned persons like Jackie Yhap who offered her residence for our first social gathering. This event was so successful that attendees requested that follow up contact be pursued.

In keeping with these wishes, a small group of us undertook to meet regularly. There again, another Centralite Claire Norville, stepped in and offered her residence for our meeting place. Arising out of these encounters was the expressed desire to form an organization to assist the students of our alma mater to realize their full potential.

Today, we are extremely proud and heartened by the strides CHAAG has made over the 7 years of its existence – from an ad hoc informal gathering of Centralites to a full-fledged organization with goals and aspirations.

It is therefore our hope that the 2014 inaugural reunion would provide us with a pool of resources from which we could draw upon to carry out the tasks we have undertaken and, ultimately, ensure the continued existence and growth of our organization.

Cogito Ergo Sum!