Hello everyone,
I am Hollina Alfred, the 2011 Central High School Alumni Scholarship holder. I count it a divine favor to receive an honor of this magnitude, since I am one of the least fortunate, coming from a deprived community (Albouystown) and a family of five children of which I am the eldest.

Before I was awarded the CHS scholarship, I was on the verge of applying for a Cuban Scholarship but thanks to the New York Alumni Association, I was granted the opportunity to study in the comfort of my home country and at the same time retain the support and presence of my family.

In addition to the huge financial relief that I have obtained, the Alumni has played an essential part in framing my future, by granting me the chance to pursue the career of my choice. Many persons do not get the opportunity to make their dream a reality but today I am on the path of realizing
I am a second year medical student at the University of Guyana and I am making a tremendous impact on my community. I am living my dream and enjoying every second of it. Nevertheless, I need to give honor to whom it is due. This was all made possible by the generosity of the members of the Alumni Association. No amount of words can fully express my gratitude for their help and continued support. A special thanks is extended to the President of the Association, Mr. Ray Hendricks, who has been a mentor, a guide and most of all a tower of support.

Once again thank you for allowing me to realize my dream.