This is our school, our very own “Central.” It is that place where it all started: a place of warm, sweet memories of a special time, of special friendships, and where fledgling dreams took flight into sterling achievement, if not greatness.

Throughout the years, the honor roll and call of her children-that would be you-has made her proud. In every field of endeavour, whether academics or sports, Central has produced individuals of a higher caliber; individuals who have gone on to become citizens of the world and noteworthy, if not dominant in their fields. Oh, there were the bigger and brighter names, but still many speak with respect, sometimes awe, that “Central was a good school.” There can be no greater acclamation.

She was not only a “good school”, she was ours, and the same can be said for the likes of all those who started out there and went onward to Camp Road and elsewhere, which institutions reaped the benefit and glory. Think of this: medicine, politics, law, engineering, journalism, writing, business, sciences, just to name a few and there are central alumni in countless numbers. Say cricket-Test cricket-tennis, track and field, netball, football, singing and dancing, and there are the children, now adults that passed through her doors.

Nowadays, Central still produces a solid crop of graduates year after year. But her face is wrinkled, her surroundings decrepit albeit unacceptable. She needs a helping hand, her spirits can do with a massive infusion of energy and interest. The call is for all of her children-wherever they may be to remember her glory days, to remember what she
meant then to each of them then and to you personally. In this her 85th year, let us recall the good times, let us cherish her in our hearts, and let us do whatever we can to
keep the light of this home, this mother, this magic burning before us always.