In 2007, several Centralites got together and organized an informal gathering to reconnect and share past experiences. Arising out of this encounter, Lynette Bagot, Cheryl Rolston and Jacqueline Lyken conceived the idea of forming a group to assist our Alma Mater in meeting the needs of its students and staff.  As word got around, the group expanded and eventually evolved into the formal organization that exists today.


To establish a network of alumni of Central High School in order to assist the school in sustaining and promoting its growth and development by utilizing our membership capabilities.


The work of the Alumni is conducted by a Board of elected officials and supported by three (3) sub committees:

  • Membership Committee responsible for identifying, attracting and retaining the interest of former CHS students
  • Fundraising/Events Committee responsible for executing fundraising events
  • Communication and Public Relations Committee responsible for keeping the public abreast of the work of the organization